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Master in Interior Space Design Methodology

IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.
IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.

Máster Presencial en Barcelona (Barcelona)

Precio: 15.000 €
Duración: 6 meses

Resumen del máster

Language: English Different spaces and scales will be worked on in a multicultural context, ranging from the human side to urban aspects, focusing on the details and taking on a contemporary, cross-sector approach. The programme draws on the importance of creative autonomy in the project design process, geared towards producing original solutions by inverting the usual procedure behind space design. This is done by limiting options to a single material but offering the incentive of technical innovation based on the student’s research. The process culminates when the space de - signed is able to instantly transmit sensations and atmospheres from the moment the user interacts with the space and the material. The result is a space capable of combining authorship, concept and meaning. The course gradually reveals the origin, essence and soul of things. It ventures deep into the core and the rigour of the raw materials that construct space, exploring and researching the power of materials in the quest for an architecture that can unveil the intrinsic nature of each one.

Objetivos: To focus predominantly on research by learning a methodology and project process. The end result is not a goal in itself, but a vehicle for providing the student with the necessary knowledge and tools to handle any type of multidisciplinary project in the future. Students develop the ability to plan and understand the stages of the work process by alternating both aspects. The course also draws on the students’ diverse backgrounds in order to further enhance the group’s knowledge. To have greater contact with the professional world and acquire the necessary tools to tackle the heterogeneity and diversity of programmes and places encompassed within the field of interior design.

A quién va dirigido: Architects; interior designers; designers of ephemeral or permanent public spaces, landscapers and urban furniture designers, atmospheric designers as creative art directors (film, television and advertising); product designers (furniture systems, surfaces, design of recycled sustainable interior finishes); design consultants; graphic designers; set designers (theater, dance); creators and assemblers of exhibitions; exhibitions or stands; professionals of the fine arts (sculpture, performance, installations, photography); designers and event organizers (fashion shows, corporate events, parties).

Temario completo de este curso


Guided travel with a professional tutor for students to realize an investigation and analysis related to the specialization of the Master. IED organizes the academic content and students cover the expenses. An alternative experience is proposed for those who cannot participate in the travel.

DESIGN TOUR Visit of Barcelona with the aim to know the city from the point of view its culture and the creative people producing their work within it. The Design Tour is specifically designed to match with the aim of the master course.


Conferences, meetings, talks and other events that get professional and students closer, sharing experiences and best practices with experts and companies.


Develop confident, clear and creative public speaking skills. Students are trained in their ability to express concepts persuasively and work is also done on body language, reading and non-verbal language practice.


The portfolio resumes the progress and competences acquired during the course. It’s a communication tool that incudes the professional and the academic experience and shows the student’s personal branding.


Acquisition of knowledge about the precedents of world design with a special emphasis on Italian culture, which is an integral part of the IED Barcelona ethos.


Visualization, knowledgment of the different steps driven to the creative problem solving


Completion of projects that ensure a balance between economic growth, environmental stewardship and social welfare, taking into account the environmental impact of any proposal during each of its phases.

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