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Curso de FMCG & Hospitality Innovation Program

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

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Precio: 5.500 €
Duración: 4 meses

Resumen del curso

Focusing on innovation within the automotive industry, we offer companies and professionals the FMCG & Hospitality Innovation Program. The Program emphasizes on industry related innovative capabilities for a business of your choice via practical and theoretical case studies, as well as the development of operational skills to improve the overall performance of an organization. You will be guided by professors who are leaders in digital transformation. They will share experiences and show you how to analyse, consider and apply new methodologies. Providing solutions and helping you to have a different approach going forward.

Objetivos: Conduct innovative changes in your industry. Begin now, change the path of your professional development whilst growing your business.

A quién va dirigido: - Professionals Typical participants of this program, are professionals working or pursuing a career within FMCG or Hospitality. - Businesses Businesses that are keen to explore other models by adapting new methodologies. - Consultants Consultants, looking to further develop the value of their guidance by understanding different methodologies, which can be applied according to their client’s projects and needs.

Temario completo de este curso

M1. Today’s Competitiveness ModelsJordi Damià
  • Basic strategies options of gaining a competitive advantage: Cost leadership, differentiation and focus (Porter).
  • New business models based on digital solutions: Traditional, Digital, Collaborative and Usage Business Models.
  • New levels of competitiveness applying advanced digital strategies: Bowman Strategy Clock, Unique Selling Propositions (USP Analytics) and Core Competence Analysis.
  • Processes and investments needed to be more competitive in a digital and business ecosystem.
M3. Management and innovation modelsRobin Weninger
  • New paradigms that have to lead to new business models and new forms of managing organizations. Business opportunities through new management methods.
  • Business process improvements for competitiveness and main tools to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Innovation management in production, distribution and management of both people and knowledge, as a key to generate new ideas and techniques for new products.
M3. Digital maturity level: Re-defining your VISIONJordi Damià
  • Analysis of a company’s level of maturation and all the business model processes. Is your company digital enough?
  • Identification of the value chain processes and organization powers, in order to have a secure knowledge of the current capabilities.
  • A digital maturity model, as an instrument for driving strategic change, needed to overcome the natural resistance to change and focus on the true objectives.
M1. Omnichannel marketing and sales modelsVoyislav Stojanovic
  • Advertising methods for commercial promotion through improved marketing tools to promote sales.
  • Key digital methods to increase revenue, target your competitor’s clients and manage customer relationship effectively.
  • Customer expectations: How to meet them and know what works best.
  • New communications tools to understand customers and the way they interact with the marketplace today.
M5. DistributionVoyislav Stojanovic
  • The integrated vision of the distribution value chain.
  • Application of new technologies, practices and more advanced business models for pursuing efficiency and win-win.
M6. LogisticsErik van haaren
  • Adaptation of the logistic sector in the new Digital Age: IoT, digital signatures, barcode, RFID, electronic chips, radio frequency, GPS, digital scanning and others.
  • Effects of the new client’s habits in the logistic processes.
  • Movement and delivery of goods just in time to fulfill the needs of industry and consumers alike.
M7. ProductionRoberto Barriga
  • Reduction of Resource Processes
  • Smart Energy, RealTime yield optimization
  • Reduction of Asset Utilization – Routine Machine. Flexibility, Predictive and Augmented Reality for MRO
  • Increase Labor Productivity – Human-Robot collaboration, Remote monitoring, Digital performance management, Automation of knowledge work
  • Decrease of inventories
  • 3D Printing real-time supply chain, Batch size
  • Reduce cost for quality – Statistical and advanced process control, digital quality management
  • Increased supply/Demand matching
  • Data driven demand prediction and design to value
  • Reduce time to market – Customer Co-creation, concurrent engineering, rapid simulation
  • Reduction service/Aftersales – Predictive/Remote maintenance, Self service
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