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Do you want to improve your job prospects? Do you want to learn something new? Are you returning to work after a career break and need to refresh your skills? Pitman Training centres are among the oldest and longest running training centres in the world and our network trains more than 50,000 people every year on a unique set of training courses. We specialize in secretarial, Microsoft Office, web&graphic design and IT Technical Training. Transforming careers, changing lives... it´s what we do!

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Qué puedo estudiar en Pitman Training Barcelona

  • Curso en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Event Management Diploma

    Event organising is a very sought after role, whether in its own right or within a wider job spec. But it's not as easy as it may first appear – and the secret is in being ultra organised.

  • Curso en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Marketing Assistant Diploma

    Every business needs loyal customers to buy or use their servicesin order to succeed, so the role of marketing is to strategicallydevelop the most engaging propositions and the right method ...

  • Curso bonificable en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Executive PA Diploma (ENGLISH)

    If you're already in a secretarial or administrative role and would like to progress in your career, the Executive PA diploma will give you the essential skills you require.

  • Curso bonificable en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Marketing Assistant Diploma

    Our Marketing Assistant Diplooma is designed to give you a broad understanding of the principles involved in each area, along with superior IT skills to take on even the most challenging of tasks. ...

  • Curso bonificable en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Graphic Design Diploma with Adobe ACA

    Get your dream job within an agency or a company with a creative department. - Get highly valued skills that are always in demand. Objetivos: Learning skills in essential Adobe packages such as ...

  • Curso bonificable en Barcelona Consultar precio

    HR Assistant Diploma

    Within any organisation, it's the people who make the biggest difference to its overall success- especially if they feel motivated, highly valued and supported in their roles. Objetivos: Our HR ...

  • Curso bonificable en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Virtual Assistant Diploma

    A Virtual Assistnat (VA) can often be a saviour to a sole trade or small business. When it's essential to keep overheads as low as possible, utilising the services of a Virtual Assistant is one of ...

  • Curso bonificable en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Social Media for Business Diploma

    For a career in marketing, event management, or as an Exec PA, you need to be social media savvy, or you're going to get lost. The same goes if you are a small business owner. Objetivos: This course ...

  • Curso subvencionado para trabajadores en Barcelona Consultar precio

    Effective Business Communication

    Effective communication skills are essential to master as they are often at the top of the list of qualities demanded by employers. Requisitos: A good command of English.

  • Curso en Barcelona Consultar precio

    IT Support Technician Diploma with CompTIA

    A role that combines a passion for IT, with diagonisis and problem solving skills. You wukl be a valued member of the team, keeping computers running smoothly and precious data protected. Objetivos: ...

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